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Happy new year everyone.

This year started with a wonderful news, my brother proposed to his girlfriend on new year's eve in Paris. How romantic is that?

I've also been busy all fall studying and learning as much as possible, and now I'm working on two blog designs at the same time (both mine). I'm very excited about this new adventure and I hope to be able to continue it in near future as my business rather than hobby.

Here is my new year resolution:

  • To continue what I started and be able to enjoy it as much as now
  • To post more articles that last year
  • To find a way to actually make money with my blog 😉
  • To loose weight Na that's not exciting 😉
  • ....

Now that I think of it it's a long list so to summarize it:

  • I'm planning to do exciting things and try to live healthy and happy and stress-less as best as I can or my kids let me.

What are your new year resolution?

Until later,