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Last Friday kids and I had fun spring-cleaning. As soon as dad came home I started emptying, cleaning and reorganizing kitchen cabinets one after the other. After I guess two of the cabinets, my son came and told me he wants to help. He started helping in emptying and wiping the cabinets. My daughter as well asked if she can also clean something, so I gave her a clean wet towel and told her to clean the cabinet doors.


This is a very cute and easy craft, my kids did this jumping up and down, couldn



My son has been asking for a pet for a while. One of his wishes for Santa was to have a puppy and a cat for Christmas. Now that we are getting close to spring and Nowruz (Persian New Year) he started again, he wants a rabbit or a hamster from Amoo Nowruz (Persian version of Santa, except that he wears green and his beard is not white, because he represents spring)

I have been against having a pet selfishly. I love animals, but I guess for some psychological reason I don